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The Admissions Package


The Admissions Package allows the student to collaborate on the college admissions process with our Master Counselor. From the outset, your student will benefit from in-person meetings in the comfort of our office. These meetings will address and accomplish the following items:

  • Let’s Get Started”, our in-person, initial on-boarding consultation with an overview of the entire process so that we can determine how best to meet the student’s goals. In this 90 minute session, we will go over what the student brings to the process (ie: Transcript, List of Extra Curriculars, ACT or SAT scores). This meeting will further yield a start to the student’s personalized “Admissions Roadmap”, which we will construct together to ensure that the student knows which items to target and in which order for optimized results.

  • 12 one-hour meetings 

  • Initial personalized college list of 20-25 schools tailored to the student’s profile and interests

  • Finalized list of colleges, chosen for application

  • Planning of application deadlines: EA, ED, Regular Decision

  • Explanation of The Common Application

  • Brainstorm 3 separate college essay/personal statement ideas

  • 3-4 rounds of written edits on the student’s college essay/personal statement

  • 2 rounds of written edits on up to 5 supplements

  • Edit Résumé/Activities for college application

  • Review of the student’s top choice college application 

  • Interview skills

  • Unlimited messaging with our Master Counselor

  • Post applications support: deferrals, waitlists, ED II, and the student’s final college selection

  • $3875.00



The Customized Package


The Customized Package is for those who want a more defined plan from the outset. This package is for 10 hours. Our initial consultation will be used to help create this package. Some popular examples:

  • 10 hours of Test Prep might include 5 hours of SAT Math and 5 hours of SAT Reading/Writing or 10 hours of ACT tutoring across subject areas

  • 10 hours consulting on College Essays and Applications

  • 10 hours covering specific areas of Test Prep and a College Search

  • $1500.00

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