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You have such a big heart of caring and connection.”  -LR (parent)

If you could have seen how happy he was the night he got the acceptance letter. Wow!!! He was walking on air. So good for a parent to see.”  -SK (parent)

Diana was my SAT and college application consultant, and I could not have asked for a better person to help me with this difficult process. Diana is kind, patient, and dedicated to making sure her students succeed. She made practicing for the SATs the opposite of boring and daunting; I felt like I could truly conquer the test with help from her tips and tools. Diana also helped me greatly with coming up with the ideas for my college essays. Without her, my essays would not be nearly as strong and thought-provoking. She set the bar high, and inspired me to dig deep and find out what I truly care about. Diana truly helped me every step of the way, and her kindness and generosity towards her students is part of what makes her so successful.”‘  -CG (student)

I am not sure I thanked you for helping Tommy get into Syracuse. Seems like you moved mountains. I heard you were working with one of his friends, Heard good things about that as well.”  -SK (parent)

Without a doubt, Diana is nothing short of a lifesaver. My daughter began working with Diana in her junior year of high school to prepare for the SAT, and she continued with her through essay writing and the application process. Diana has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of college counseling and test preparation, but also has a keen intuitive nature that allowed her to prepare my daughter for each phase of this process in a way that best guaranteed her individual success. Equally important, Diana has an easy, fun and friendly manner. As both a mother and a psychologist, I know of the extreme pressure that plagues teens and families during college prep and application time. Diana is a calming force through this storm. She does not get caught up in the self-feeding anxiety and pressure of this process, but instead instills a genuine sense of calm and balance that helped my daughter, and our whole family, as we navigated our way through the entire application process. As my daughter has frequently said over the past many months, ‘Finding Diana was the best thing!'”  -KG (parent)

It was so sad leaving your office today. Thank you for helping me get through junior year. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without your help. I also know that without your assistance this summer, my whole college application process would be a complete nightmare! I am so appreciative of your guidance and expertise.”  -HS (student)

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